Monday, October 12, 2009

Wandering Muse

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." ~ Saint Augustine

(image of St. Augustine found here)

Not much for rambling this weekend. It was nice and easy both Saturday and Sunday. As much as I love a good ramble, I also enjoy down time. Time to relax, prop my feet up, enjoy a Popsicle, a conversation. Master Colby really enjoyed all the extra attention I was able to give him (many, MANY belly rubs came about as a result of my being there almost all day Saturday).

My mom came down for the afternoon Saturday and we walked over to the antique store that graces our little Main Street, aptly called East Main Collectibles. I have a hard time going into an antique shop and leaving empty handed. I found some really interesting hinges which will be transformed into necklaces, a tea cup for a craft experiment I have, and two Victoria Magazine issues!

I'm addicted to Victoria Magazine more so than (almost) any other magazine I read. I remember when it first came out in the late '80s. Then, sadly, she went away, leaving an awful void in my leisure time and a gaping black hole where loveliness used to reside on the newsstand.

Joy of joys, the magazine I love returned, going on three years ago, and it's as good as if it had never left. I still love the old issues and collect them when I can. I had a hard time passing up on all of them, but I was able to pick up an issue from the 1995, the year I graduated (whoops! I just dated myself, didn't I :). It's also the year my favorite author was their "Writer in Residence". I am an avid reader of anything Madeleine L'Engle. Knowing she was published in my favorite magazine, knowing I Have that magazine, near mint condition in lovely plastic casing sitting on my kitchen bar makes me long for a cup of tea, my couch, and an hour of uninterrupted time. Alas, I am at work this morning, but it makes looking forward to my time off that much sweeter!

Sunday was a lazy day also. We lounged around until about noon and then went to Barnes and Noble where I indulged in another magazine addiction of mine: British Country Living. O to step into the pages of that magazine! I would gladly shuffle off and not return! Perhaps I'll take a trip this evening into those lovely, pastoral scenes and lazily wander down memory lane with that old Victoria issue. Now that's my idea of rainy night wandering!

Hope your weekends were good ones!

Cheers and happy Monday!


Jon said...

That sounds pretty much like how my weekend went! Besides the being home all Saturday part. Thanks for taking care of me and making me feel better. :)

Jen Chandler said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you're feeling better :)